Thursday, 1 November 2012

Something new.

Where do i start? thats a tricky one. I’m megan, im 17 and I’m a college student, right now I’m studying beauty therapy. I have never been the type to do something I’m good at or just be passionate about something other than horse riding. So although i have read blogs for a couple of years now i had never felt drawn to creating my own but today i decided too, i love beauty and fashion and i love to write and it just felt like both went hand in hand. I don’t believe anyone will read this but blogging is about “expressing not impressing” cheesy i know but its true, I like reading blogs when people have genuine love and passion for what they do and i want to get that across in my own blog and do the same. I hope to have a new post up in a couple of days so if you do read this on the off chance keep your eyes peeled!
love megan x

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